Postcard: Fiestas Patrias

July 28th.

Peruvian independence day is the 28 de julio. What with all the scandal happening in the Peruvian government right now (corrupt judges caught on tape), I’m not sure people felt like celebrating, but nonetheless there were parties to be had. This is a time when Peruvians get a two week vacation block, and many people travel. We are lucky that two of my cousins from Lima decided to come visit us in Urubamba. My cousin Martin and his two girls, as well as my cousin Marta and one of her twins.


Mostly we have been hanging out at home, playing with the kittens, playing card games, going to the park, and eating. A lot of eating, and drinking. Marta makes a mean chilcano. It has been really fun to have my cousins here. I don’t get to spend much time with them for obvious reasons. So to have almost a full week of catching up, sharing meals, and watching the kids play together has been a real treat.

We capped off last night with a bonfire at Hugo and Marichely’s place across the river. It was super fun–roasted hotdogs followed by s’mores. And of course plenty of wine.


The moon was full. It was beautiful, casting it’s shadows on the garden. Marichely’s bungalow is almost ready for airbnb. Here is a picture of the moon above the bungalow. Isn’t it amazing?!


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