Postcard: Biking

Our steady stream of visitors has continued. The most recent installment includes my friend Mindy and her two kids. We took a leisurely stroll on some bikes a few days ago. The bike dude picked us up with bikes and helmets for everyone, and we drove from Urubamba to Calca. Once in Calca, we adjusted our seats one last time and mounted our steers so to speak. We crossed the bridge over the Urubamba River to a dirt/gravel road. We rode through small towns. We almost got attacked by a turkey. We steered clear of multiple cows and bulls. We rode through mud puddles, and even stumbled upon a waterfall. We watched locals plow the fields with bulls, and we plant next years harvest. All with the sacred river running along side of us, and the snow covered mountains looking down on us. We were lucky to have a perfect day. We didn’t work up too much of a sweat, but just enough to earn our ceviche and cerveza at the end the end of the road.

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 10.21.08 PM

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