Postcard: Saying goodbye

I know that four and a half months is not really that long of a time to be away. I mean, we sometimes go for months without seeing some of our dearest friends. Even the ones right here in Portland. But, there is something about packing up the house, withdrawing the kids from school, logging off Epic for the last time and relocating to an unknown day-to-day. And let’s be honest, anytime you take typhoid vaccine, pack water purification tablets and malaria prophylaxis, you should probably say some goodbyes.

Have I mentioned that we have amazing friends, family, and neighbors? Well, we do. All of you have been so supportive of this get-off-the-grid plan. We’ve been talking about it and planning for it for so long that frankly I’m surprised you all aren’t like “go already!” Instead, you’ve offered help and encouraging words. You’ve offered to take care of our dog, our house, the holes we are leaving in work schedules, and a zillion other things. But this last week has been the best. Cooper’s carpool has taken him to Starbucks and out for donuts. Carmen’s friends and teachers have planned party after party to send her off. Charlie’s class all wrote letters about how they were going to miss him, and one friend planned his birthday party around our travel schedule. Jeff and I have been squeezing in dinners, late night beers, coffee dates, bike rides, and wine nights. And cupcakes with Peruvian flags–how awesome is that?! We have felt so much love these last few weeks.

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