Postcard: Dreaming of the beach

I’ve been going back and forth between battling the headaches of getting ready to go away for 4 months, tie up the loose ends at work (there are SO many!), coordinating the kids’ last days of school, and dreaming about what lies ahead. In the meantime, I forgot to give the kids their 3rd of 4 doses of Typhoid vaccine on time. My online shopping habit has come to a screeching halt because the things won’t arrive on time. I’m starting to cross things off the to do list simply because I know they won’t get done.

Even though I dream of Urubamba, what I am dreaming about today is our beach week before we head to Cusco and the Sacred Valley. For a glorious 4 days we will sit back and eat cebiche, drink beers, and hang out with cousins and kids. Oh, and mangos. Lots and lots of mangos.

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