Postcard: Still in Portland


Well, I guess we are really doing this. I have a thousand things to do before we go. Just when I think everything will be ok, I break into a cold sweat and pull out the “to do” list. You know, the one that gets longer each day. Books to read while we are there. The right foot wear. Sleeping bags. First Aid kit. Yellow Fever vaccines. Ziplock bags. What?! Why on earth do I feel the need to bring Ziplock bags? You never know!

I dream of already being there. I dream of walking along the dirt roads that wind behind our house, and finding bike trails to ride while the kids are in school. I dream of going to the market and selecting the perfect produce–fruits with names we’ve hardly heard before. I dream of shutting out the 24 hour news cycle, picking up an empty notebook and filling it.

My vision for this blog? Postcards will be snippets–moments to savor and share. Maybe just a photo and a few words to invite you in. Letters will be meatier. I may go on for pages and pages. I may throw in a little fiction or poetry from time to time. I’m hoping the kids will contribute too. I guess we will see what happens.

Drop in to Urubamba Mama when you can. Stay in touch. Send chocolate. Come visit. Our door is always open.





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